Alaska Traffic Company - 60th Anniversary
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Team Directory

Inset photo: Scott Stouff
Back Row (left to right): Andrew Schwaegler, Matt Robinson, Joe Conley, Jim Teddy, John Lindsay, Don Grant
Middle Row (left to right): Dianne Baisch, Diana Ferrier, Cindy Woods, Steve Skogerboe, Tom Herche, Linda Dunlap, Cindy Christopherson, Dwight Wiest
Front/Sitting (left to right): Andy Johnson, Brandie Holmes, Sean Crosby, Karen Duncan, Belen Erickson

Your team at Alaska Traffic is ready to make it easier for you to ship and track your freight between Alaska and the rest of the USA. We look forward to working with you soon.



Anna Salazar
Alaska Area Sales
Direct: 907-312-3565
Direct toll free: 800-888-3534
Direct fax: 907-345-8920

Joe Conley
National Account Sales
Direct: 425-282-6630
Direct toll free: 800-888-3534
Direct fax: 425-282-6631

Scott Stouff
Alaska Area Sales
Direct: 907-522-8919
Direct toll free 800-888-3534
Direct fax: 907-522-8920


Andy Johnson
Direct: 425-282-6610 ext. 602
Toll free: 800-888-3534 ext. 602
Direct fax: 425-282-6611

Karen Duncan
Direct: 425-282-6606
Toll free: 800-888-3534 ext. 606
Direct fax: 425-282-6607

Matt Robinson
Direct: 425-282-6616
Direct toll free: 866-357-4362
Direct fax: 425-282-6617


Diana Ferrier
Information Services / Credit / Billing
Direct: 425-282-6626
Toll free: 866-357-4365
Direct fax: 425-282-6627

Mark Tedeschi
Accounts Payable / Receivable
Direct: 206-682-4535 ext. 203
Direct fax: 206-682-3564

Quang Do
Customer Service
Direct line: 425-264-1912
Toll free: 866-396-8522


Andrew Schwaegler
Direct: 425-282-6608
Direct toll free: 888-282-6608
Direct fax: 425-282-6609

Cindy Woods
VP of Business Operations
Direct: 425-264-1920
Direct toll free: 866-396-8520
Direct fax: 425-264-1922


Main: 425-282-6610
Toll free: 800-888-3534
Fax: 425-282-6611

We look forward to talking with you soon to facilitate your freight shipments between Alaska and the lower 48.

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